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If you are looking for an event space, look no further. Tasty Jollof Lounge is the perfect spot for end of year parties, birthdays and cocktail parties.

A stunning venue with a dedicated sound system, customizable ambiance lighting, a fully fledged bar and culinary support from  Tasty Jollof Lounge, you can be sure your event will be a success!

Let us assist in arranging your next special. It will be our pleasure to coordinate all of the essential elements for your event in order to ensure an unforgettable affair.

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Catering Services

Our off-premise catering services range from a small drop-off and set up to full-service events. Let us cater your next birthday celebration, office luncheon or family gathering!

We also arrange Cocktail, Luncheon, or Buffet for Corporate Special Events, including Meeting Makers, and Coffee Breaks during seminars, AGMs, New Product Launching, etc.

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